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Our Vision

FB Trading stands for Family Business and that is what we truly are all about: We want to give families with children the opportunity to make safe and healthy choices regarding the products they use in the first years of children’s lives.

Our company is driven by a fundamental belief that the choices made during a child's early years significantly impact their life. Acknowledging the dependence of a newborn on the decisions made by adults, we are dedicated to providing parents with the opportunity to make safe and healthy choices on behalf of their children.

The foundation of a child's life is laid in early childhood, and the consequences of adult decisions resonate throughout their lives. Our company aims to contribute to positive outcomes by focusing on the importance of a well-functioning and safe everyday life. We recognize that life with children should be rewarding, filled with love, and intimate moments. Consequently, the functionality and quality of our products are designed to make everyday activities easy and safe for both parents and children.

A family-owned affair of the heart

FB Trading is a family-owned company founded and led by the married couple Annette Tøth Jensen and Henrik Tøth Jensen. Both have their daily routines at our spacious office located outside the Danish city of Aarhus.

Annette Tøth Jensen, the founder of FB Trading, shares her motivation, stemming from her experience as a social worker for vulnerable families. Witnessing the crucial role of a safe start in a child's life, she emphasizes the significance of adults making informed and positive choices for their children.

Inspired by her own journey as a parent seeking non-toxic pacifiers for her son, Annette and Henrik founded FB Trading to address the need for safe alternatives in parenting products.

Understanding the weight of choices in shaping a child's future, FB Trading emphasizes the importance of creating products that enable parents to make choices that care for their children and the world they will inhabit. The company's name, FB Trading, reflects its core values of being a Family Business dedicated to providing families with children the means to make safe and healthy choices, particularly in the early years of a child's life.

The beginning of a non-toxic journey

“During my time as a social worker for vulnerable families, I have seen how crucial a safe life start is for children. I know how important it is that we as adults make good choices on behalf of our children. Choices that provide safety and love from the very beginning, but also choices that provide security and possibilities in their future lives.

When we had our son, I – like many other parents – found myself looking for pacifiers and realized that it wasn’t possible to find a 100% non-toxic pacifier. During the first days of my son’s life, I already realized that I would have to give him something that could potentially be toxic to him and possibly affect his health in the long run. I decided that there needed to be an alternative, therefore my husband and I got to work, and FB Trading was founded.”
– Annette Tøth Jensen, founder of FB Trading.

In the development of our products, we focus on a constant optimization in all parts of the value chain, which is why a large selection of our products are made at Danish factories which we partly own we have a close working relationship with. This makes us able to monitor and further improve our products in close cooperation with experts within the field. This means that you will always find high quality products with no harmful ingredients in our product range. Products that aim to give children the best start in life.

FB Trading operates with a commitment to sustainability, continually optimizing every aspect of the value chain. Many of their products are crafted in our own Danish factories, fostering a close working relationship to monitor and enhance the sustainability of their offerings.

Today, the company stands as a testament to the belief that small, everyday choices can make a significant difference in the lives of children and contribute positively to the world they grow up in.

Read more about our story, values, purpose, and much more in our Company Book here!

Founders and Managing
Directors, Annette Tøth Jensen
& Henrik Tøth Jensen
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