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Schnoor Plast

Our supplier of virgin PP-plastic for our FRIGG and Mushie products


Schnoor Plast was founded in Hobro, Denmark in 1984 by Kjeld Schnoor, who still spends his days at the factory. At Schnoor Plast, they manufacture every element in plastic,
and they have a lot of experience with both hard and soft plastic. They are known for delivering high quality products by using the latest technology and machinery.

Schnoor Plast manufactures many of our Mushie products and our FRIGG pacifier shields in virgin PP-plastic, and we have a strong collaboration with them, both professionally and personally.


About Schnoor Plast

As mentioned previously, Schnoor Plast was established by Kjeld Schnoor. After almost 40 years of running the business, Kjeld passed the keys of the company to Dennis Godiksen,
who has been a part of Schnoor Plast since 1993. During his childhood, his parents lived next door to Kjeld, so he almost grew up at the factory, where his main assignment
was to sweep the floors. Years later he took an apprenticeship as a toolmaker, and since then his role at the factory has developed in various directions, and in 2015 he became a part owner of the business.

Today, Dennis is the one who leads the company forward. Although a new generation usually comes with new ideas, he is taking the lead with respect for Kjeld’s life’s work.
It is also very important to Dennis that Schnoor Plast must be a company with an informal and broad-minded atmosphere where everyone is happy to go to work. Although Dennis has taken the lead,
Kjeld, who has never worked with anything other than plastic, will still be working at the factory for the next couple of years, even though he has passed the age of 70.

Virgin plastic: Only the purest kind for the children

At FB Trading, we have decided to use the purest kind of plastic for our FRIGG pacifier shields and our Mushie products (those made of plastic); it’s called virgin plastic because it has never been recycled or repurposed from existing materials.
By using virgin plastic, we avoid harmful substances that may pose health risks when coming in contact with sensitive skin and this is an important factor to us, because we wish to provide healthy products for children.

Virgin plastic is a strong and durable kind of plastic, which makes it a popular choice for products that need to withstand wear and tear. It also has a smooth finish in consistent colors, making it visually appealing.

The manufacturing process of the Mushie products and FRIGG pacifier shields involves extracting raw materials, refining them into a form, and then molding them into the shapes of the products with molds all made at Schnoor Plast.
This helps us reduce our carbon emissions because we handle every part of our production in-house.

What about plastic waste when producing our products?

All production processes in the plastic industry create waste, and all products end up as waste at some point. In plastic manufacturing, plastic waste occurs, for example, when the products are cut to size, by mistake or in connection
with starting and switching off the machines. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid plastic waste completely, but we are turning our waste into something useful by sending it to AVL, the largest company in the North within recycling of high-quality plastic,
who ensures that our plastic ends up being recycled for a greater purpose.

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