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Because every child deserves the best start in life

In the early years of a child's life the foundation on which the rest of life must be built is created. Feeling loved and secure are essential building blocks of a child's ability to form close bonds and meet the world with confidence and curiosity later in life. And family is the child's main source of security and love.

FB Trading stands for Family Business Trading - we strive to give babies the best start in life. The products in our range are designed to support the child's instincts and innate needs, and thereby contribute to the development of safe and happy children.

At FB Trading you only find quality products without harmful ingredients.

Keep an eye on our range of products, we will continuously add more - and they all aim to give babies the best start in life.

Founders and Managing
Directors, Annette Tøth Jensen
& Henrik Tøth Jensen

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